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Hello! I’m Danielle

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wife to an amazing husband of 14 years, mother to two lovely children, and a “once upon a time classroom teacher turned stay at home mom.” My days are spent teaching my children and drinking plenty of coffee!


My Favorite Books That Promote Rest

My Favorite Books That Promote Rest

Now that everyone is home, I realize more than ever how important it is to rest. Sometimes circumstances (like recent world events) even dictate that time of rest. Depending on your season of life, rest will look different than it did, say, a year or so ago. I’ve come...

Finding Delight In Homeschooling

Finding Delight In Homeschooling

  What does delight mean to you? Give me a good cup of coffee and a piece of dark chocolate and I’m one happy momma. When I think about delight, I think about things that give me the “warm fuzzies” like Christmas baking, or reading a really good book. Over the...

Savoring the Moments Of Motherhood

Savoring the Moments Of Motherhood

Do you ever find yourself wishing you weren’t so busy? Perhaps you’re so exhausted from working or chasing little people you feel drained every waking minute. When precious sleep finally comes, it’s interrupted by insomnia or cries of tiny babies. If this sounds like...