3 Reasons Why I’m Thankful For Motherhood

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Purposeful Living | 8 comments

Do you ever have those days when it’s hard to find thankfulness? Regardless of whether you spend your days at home caring for children or working outside of the home, we all encounter difficult seasons of life. It’s easy to complain, harbor bitterness, or let our anger erupt and offend others. 

November is typically the month in which we contemplate the reasons we’re thankful. Today, I want to share why I’m thankful for motherhood. 

3 reasons I'm thankful

Why I’m Thankful For Motherhood

Motherhood is tough. On some days, we may even find motherhood (or our ourselves) less than desirable. It’s easy to realize in a mere moment of joy that we’re “thankful” for our children, husbands, our homes, food, etc. However, motherhood isn’t about experiencing joy (more on this later). Yes, there are many joyful moments, but in reality, motherhood means dealing with the ugly, the sinful, the emotional, and the just-plain-difficult moments of raising children. And I’m so thankful for them. 

Early Mornings and Late Nights

early mornings

If there was one thing every mom could wish for, she would most likely wish for more sleep. I’m right there with you all! Regardless of how old or young our children are, we are always left wanting (and needing) more rest. Hunger, sickness, refusing to stay in bed, ball games, ballet practices, and various other commitments wear us out. But, I’m thankful for them. 

Early mornings mean more time to snuggle as I make hot cocoa and read stories. Early mornings bring giggles, questions about life, and opportunities to work through them. I’m thankful for them. 

Late nights mean conversations that draw us closer together. Late nights may bring more gray hairs that display hours of concern over fever and broken hearts. Although late nights mean even earlier mornings, I’m thankful for them.

Tear-Stained Cheeks and Pillows

I’ll never have the ability to keep track of the tears my children (or I) shed on a daily basis. Whether they’re shed from hunger, tiredness, sadness, or anger (or confession – my anger toward them), I’m thankful for them. 

While I’m never thankful for tears over the trials of motherhood in the moment, I am later. When I’m dwelling in mere moments of solitude, I recall them to my mind.

I am thankful for the bitter tears I shed on this journey because it means I have precious reasons to shed them. Bitter tears from (and for) my children mean I have the privilege of wiping them away. 

Bruised Knees and Hearts

bruised knees

During the early years of motherhood, I anxiously rushed to comfort every fall, every tear, every bruised knee. I viewed bruised knees and other injuries as “the worst” thing that can happen when raising children. That is no longer the case. Perhaps it’s years gone by, or a simply a retrained heart and mind. Rather than dwelling on the physical and emotional toils, I ask the Lord to bring thankfulness to my mind. 

Now, sweet snuggles and kisses accompany each bruised knee (or other body parts) and heart, as well as a silent prayer of thanks for the beautiful gift of motherhood.  

As each day passes, I’m reminded in small ways to slow down and spend quality time with my children. Whether we give an hour or 5 minutes, it’s in the quiet moments that we discover the importance of the quality.