3 Ways to Renew Joy In Weary Seasons

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Are you weary in motherhood? (And all the mamas said, “Amen!”)

Yes, as mothers we feel consistently weary. Weariness keeps us from deepening those relationships with our children, friends, and God. Some seasons of life are more weary than others. But there is hope. 

Here are 3 ways to help wash away the weariness and reclaim joy in motherhood.

3 ways to renew joy in weary seasons

Defining Weariness

Before we try to wash away the weariness that burdens us, we need to unpack “weariness” at bit more. When I say weary, I’m not just talking about a tired day. Every mother has those days. Weariness lives in the soul. It starts out small and then takes up residence in our souls and refuses to move on. 

Perhaps it starts with a burden we carry and we’re not sure what to do with it. Maybe we even try to handle it on our own. Over time, it drains the joy from our souls and we’re left feeling depressed and burdened.

We must wash away the weariness to experience the joyfulness. 

we must wash away weariness

3 Ways to Wash Away Weariness In Motherhood

1. Stop & Be Still

stop and be still

As mothers, we can become so bogged down and distracted with all the noise of this world. There is noise everywhere! It’s also easy to allow the noise to overwhelm and distract us from our calling as mothers. We feel the pull in every direction where we are stretched so thin. It’s no wonder we are weary. 

Psalm 138:3 says that God answers when we call. He alone is our strength when we are weak and weary. He strengthens our souls daily.

When we take time to slow down, it speaks volumes of love to our children. I notice that when I’m stressed, so are my children. Slowing down is a breath of fresh air in our homes and life-giving to our souls.

Slowing down keeps our souls from sinking in weariness. 

2. Surrender the Burdens

surrender the burdens

We all carry burdens that weigh down our spirits and keep us from enjoying the joys of motherhood. While others may not know your burdens, God does. The God who created heaven and earth does not grow weary. His understanding of our suffering and grief goes far beyond what we can comprehend. 

Let Him carry you through this weary season of life and comfort you. As you draw closer, press into Him. Surrendering our burdens is a daily commitment. It’s easy to surrender to those seeds of doubt. When we’re daily giving up control of our burdens, we can rest in God’s presence.  

3. Seek Strength Daily

seek strength daily

When we lose focus from our earthly and heavenly priorities, we can lose direction as well. This creates chaos within our souls. When we make time to meet Him in quiet places and be still, it’s easier to calm our spirits and listen to the truth He speaks through His word.

We will most certainly experience weariness in the journey of our work. But take heart. Seek His face. Ask for strength daily.

While we are not promised easy lives, we are promised strength for today. The Lord is our portion and our strength. Our feet may fail, our hearts may faint but God picks us up and continues to guide us.

Do you struggle with weariness in motherhood? How do you wash away the weariness so you can experience joyfulness?


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