Finding Delight In Homeschooling

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What does delight mean to you? Give me a good cup of coffee and a piece of dark chocolate and I’m one happy momma. When I think about delight, I think about things that give me the “warm fuzzies” like Christmas baking, or reading a really good book. Over the past year, I’ve started thinking about how I can delight in homeschooling. Cultivating a restful approach is  is helping us find that in our days. 

finding delight in your homeschool

Delighting In Homeschooling 

Rest does not mean sleep. As homeschooling parents, most of us have probably been sleep deprived for years. Rest does NOT mean neglecting academics. Rest is a mindset. It’s the way we carry out our educational methods and philosophies within our homes. When we think of rest, we think of slowing down and contemplating what we’re learning. 

How do we approach our homeschool days? Are we hurried in mind, body, and spirit? When we approach our days with a restful mindset, our children will too. Delighting is easier when you’re unhurried.

Begin Your Day In Rest

The way we begin the morning sets the tone for the day. Chaotic mornings mean more chaos later on. Morning time helped quiet the chaos of our mornings by cultivating some much needed calmness.

A simple step can include gathering your children around you for Scripture, poems, songs, and a read aloud story. There are no time constraints here. The freedom is beautiful. You can make each day something new if you want. 

It’s Okay to Start Over

Planners are great but it’s also easy to confine ourselves to the details. When we don’t accomplish what we planned, we’re left feeling guilty. It’s hard to find delight in that. 

A restful mindset offers some freedom away from the planner. It’s helpful to lay out a few goals you want to accomplish that day and leave enough time to diligently complete them. Then, if you have time for more, that’s great!

Cast Your Cares Above

As home educators, we can place unnecessary burdens on our shoulders that aren’t ours to carry. 

When I feel overwhelmed, or find myself losing the joy of homeschooling, I recall the passage in Matthew where Christ compels us to rest and lean upon Him. “Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28). 

Christ restfully taught and engaged in purposefully conversations while He was on earth.

Was He tired? Of course! But, He also rested in order to refuel and begin again. What a wonderful lesson from the Master Teacher! 

When we practice restful learning in our homes, we’re able to learn more about who God is and teach these wonders to our children. Teaching these helps us delight in God. 


How do you delight in homeschooling? I’d love to hear! Also, if you’re just beginning your journey, I’d love to hear about that too!