Hope is Our Rescue

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“Hope is not a feeling. It is a commitment to hold to what Scripture reminds us is true about God.” 

– Sally Clarkson 

“Help, I’m Drowning”


What is hope to you? Hope is many things to me, but in this season of life, it means a rescue. It represents an unburdening of the despair and angst I find myself slipping into all too often. Hope rescues us from the deep pit of despair and urges us toward the Light, the Truth of Scripture. 


God is our hope, our rescue from the daily sins that claw their way into the unattended recesses of our souls. Sometimes I sit and ponder how I could possibly sink into depression? My life is abundantly blessed with health, home, feasting, and family. Why are there times when I feel joyous one minute and troubled the next?


The enemy knows my weak spots. He pokes and prods at them, ever plotting his next step in an attempt for me to react in my own strength. It’s worse when I feel alone in my journey, when I don’t share the emotional toil of my days with dear friends. It’s worse when I put on the “brave face” and carry on. But I can’t carry on until I acknowledge my need for a rescue. 

God is our hope. Hope is our rescue.

Rest in Him!

**Are you a homeschooling mama in “the thick of it?” Allow me to pass on some encouragement in the form of a wonderful devotional book – Rescue: A Devotional for Homeschool MomsThis little gem is packed with encouragement and wisdom for homeschool moms on every stage of the journey.

“Help, I’m Drowning” by Sally Clarkson is another amazing gem to guide you toward rescue when you feel like is just too much. Her years of wisdom and real-life momma hardships pulls fellow moms close and whispers words of truth in dark places.


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