Kids Spanish Curriculum Review

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Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

My son was very interested in learning Spanish so I was really excited about the opportunity to try the Educator’s Spanish Collection from Whistlefritz with him. Whistlefritz includes bilingual foreign language immersion music videos in their Educator’s Spanish Collection.

All-In-One Spanish Curriculum For Kids

The resources we used were completing digital resources. I logged into my account online to access them. I printed out the ones that we were planning on doing for each lesson and we waited on the rest. They were easy to access and use.

whistlefritz online

Here’s a screenshot of the home page of their website. Once you purchase the curriculum you want, you will have access to the educator guide and the video and audio files for the songs. My son loved the colorful videos and energetic songs. It made learning a foreign language fun for him.

Home Educator Guide For Parents

home educator guide

At first, this large document seemed overwhelming for me. There are so many resources that at first, it seemed a bit much. If you’re the type of homeschooling parent who gets overwhelmed by too many things, I would recommend putting it aside. After giving it some time, I did find it helpful, primarily due to the Table of Contents. 

table of contents

I love a good table of contents.  Why? Because it reduces the stress and overwhelm of a curriculum. When it was time to sing songs, or practice our vocabulary, I just referenced the table of contents and chose the topic we were learning that week.

The Highlights We Enjoyed

My five-year-old son loves things with movement, so he really enjoyed learning something new with this curriculum. I love how everything was laid out and it was simple to choose which topics we wanted to learn about that week. Since he’s only 5, we took it very slowly and I gave him options of what he wanted to learn about. Animals or Greetings? Seasons or Carnival? It worked out well.

I recommend beginning slow, especially since there are a lot of resources to wade through. Pick an interest and go from there.

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