Momma, It’s Okay To Slow Down

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Cultivating Calmness | 2 comments

We live in a world where there is a constant need to rush; the need to get it all done. Mothers are pulled in every direction to the point where we are stretched so thin. We often wonder if we have anything left to give. The late nights eventually catch up with us and we barely have the brain power to perform the necessary functions of everyday life.

I’m here to encourage you to slow down and maybe even stop for a few moments. Slowing down is vital to the strength of your marriage, motherhood, and relationships with others. Why is this so important and how is it possible?

Measure Quality Over Quantity

This has been a real struggle with me since I started working from home. I thought it’d be easier to spend time with my kids when I’m at home. I’m learning that’s not true. The work must get done because the bills must get paid. I’m sure you feel the struggle too! This is when I have to create quality time with them.

Sometimes I feel guilty when I can’t spend the time I want to with my children. However, I’m also learning that when I stop in the middle of dishes or laundry and sit with them for a few minutes, that’s quality.  No social media, no dishes, and no thinking about other things. I just sit with them, talk to them, or even read with them.  

Take Time To Contemplate Life

I can’t stress this one enough. The time you take to just sit by yourself and contemplate life is such an important step to slowing down. When you take the time to “stop and smell the roses,” you’re creating an atmosphere of calmness in your home. Mommas, a calm household starts with you!

The ways you spend time in contemplation look different in each home and may look different each day for you. The time doesn’t have to be several hours. In fact, it may only be a few minutes (as your kids bang on your door). The important thing is to be intentional in blocking out time each day to just and sit and be still.

Slowing Down Is A Gift To Your Family

What if my family thinks I’m selfish? What if things don’t get done? What if…? Friend, if you’re asking yourself these questions, that is exactly why you must slow down. Slowing down is not only a gift to yourself but also a gift to your family. You can’t possibly take care of them if you’re running on empty.

When you take time to slow down, it speaks volumes of love to your spouse and your children. If you’re constantly rushing around, what is that training in your children? I notice that when I’m stressed, so are my children. As they get older, you want them to stop and ponder the world around them. If we’re constantly rushing around, we miss so much! Slowing down is a breath of fresh air in your home and a wonderful gift.

How Do You Prioritize The Important Things?

I know the lists are never-ending. I have them too. I have the piles of laundry that never make it to the dresser drawers. I have mountains of clutter tucked in various corners of the house so it appears less cluttered. I hear you, Momma! It took some help, encouragement, and an internal decision to prioritize the important things.

Prioritizing the important things first begins with me. When it comes right down to it, my children will not always be in my home. The work will ALWAYS be there; it’s endless. I only have a few precious years to intentionally nurture my children and cultivate a love for the important things in life. That is why I MUST slow down.