Mothering With Joy In Every Season

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I often find it difficult to find joy in certain seasons of life. It’s easy to be happy and joyful when everything is going “well” in my life. But as soon as that first storm hits, bam! I’m knocked down my knees again, praying that God will calm the waves or even remove the storm altogether. 

The problem is that removing the storm may not be in my best interest, according to my Creator. That’s so difficult to accept. Perhaps you’ve felt that way too. 

Are you currently walking a difficult season of motherhood? Friend, I understand. While my stormy seasons may look vastly different from yours, we can still help one another along the way. The view we take in every season of life affects how we live, move, and ultimately mother our children. I so desire to point my children to Christ in EVERY season, especially the painful and uncertain ones. I’m sure you do as well. Here are a few things that have helped me mother with joy in every season. 

mothering with joy in every season

Just Being Still

I’ve placed this one first because it’s a tough one to accomplish as mothers, but so essential to recovering lost joy in motherhood. Being still can also be referred to as “restful.” I’ve spent the last year deeply contemplating what rest really looks like in my own life. You can read more about that here, but for now, let’s focus on the aspect of just being still. 

Fellow Mother, hear this encouragement. I give you permission to be still. Beyond that, Christ gives you permission to be still. Yes! Being still is so contrary to today’s living. If you’re being still, it means you’re not doing. And if you’re not doing, it means you’re not accomplishing. And if you’re not accomplishing, then…. See where this is leading? 

slowing down

Dear Mother, being still is essential to processing life! Our brains and bodies (especially after babies) are not wired to continue without rest. Jesus rested and set an example for us. 

When we take a minute to rest, our souls find rescue from weariness.

Embracing the Truth Of God’s Word

In addition to being still, we can combat weariness and a lack of joy with the truth of God’s Word. I don’t know about you, but when I’m lacking in my time with God, I don’t feel very joyful. My countenance falls, my attitude is subpar, and the whole atmosphere of my home shifts. 

The best remedy for a lack of joy is the truth of God’s Word. Run to it, dive in, embrace it, and live it out. 

Pouring Into Others

rest fills us up

Have you ever struggled with loneliness or feelings of inadequacy? I’m right there with you! These feelings do not go away simply because we’re above our heads with various aspects of mothering. No. In my experience, they manifest themselves even more. Seasons of motherhood are often lonely and the Enemy uses these times to plant seeds of doubt that rob us of our joy. 

Intentionally seeking out ways to pour into others is a great way to reclaim joy in these trying seasons. 

  • Get together for a moms’ night out
  • Invite a friend for coffee and a play date
  • Meet other moms at the park
  • Mark a standing date in your planner to text another mom that is lonely
  • Bake cookies with your children and deliver them to some neighbors

The list of ideas is endless! Try one or more of these ideas and feel refreshed and renewed with joy from serving others. 

Leaning In and Listening

Listening to the needs of others stirs up our affections for them. Then, the most amazing transformation happens! You begin to find joy in helping others, and others find strength and encouragement from you. I’ve found that it’s a wonderful remedy for a dry and weary soul.

Are you struggling to find joy? Let me encourage you to bypass the fleeting happiness of the things of this world. Enter the Throne of Heavenly Grace and grasp onto the lasting joy that Christ brings. 



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