My Favorite Books That Promote Rest

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Book Reviews | 7 comments

Now that everyone is home, I realize more than ever how important it is to rest. Sometimes circumstances (like recent world events) even dictate that time of rest. Depending on your season of life, rest will look different than it did, say, a year or so ago.

I’ve come to embrace my changing seasons of life and cultivate a habit of rest in each one. Here are a few of my favorite books that promote restful habits. 

Books For Rest

Don’t Overthink It by Anne Bogel

Are you an “over-thinker”? Do you ever find yourself over-analyzing even the smallest decisions? We all have this issue at one point or another. In fact, there are numerous reasons why we may over-think things.

Honestly, reading this book made me realize that I do these things. ALOT. Don’t Overthink It by Anne Bogel is a wonderful read! Anne takes you through her own personal experiences of over-thinking, and guides you on a practical journey of freedom. My favorite chapter was chapter 5. In this chapter, Anne talks about the importance of habit formation. This practice of cultivating habits and routines is an important step do overcoming what she terms “analysis paralysis.” This over-thinking can bog us down and make our lives overwhelming where we could experience more joy. 

If you’re an “over-thinker,” check out Don’t Overthink It by Anne Bogel.  

The ESV Illuminated Bible

The ESV Illuminated Bible: Art Journaling Edition is one of my favorite Bibles to use. We love using it during Morning Time in our homeschool each day. It contains a complete translation of the Scriptures in the English Standard Version. The one I own is a beautiful green with an overlay of gold lettering. However, you can purchase them in other colors. The pages are thin and light and have ample spacing in the margin for journaling. 

I love using bookmarks when I read so I was glad that this one came with an attached green ribbon. This is helpful for quickly marking my place each day. The spacing of the text is slightly smaller to leave room for notations. Reading the Scriptures is a restful time for me and I love beautiful things. This gorgeous version creates calmness.

Introverted Mom

If you follow Jamie C. Martin from Simple Homeschool, you’re probably familar with her newest book, Introverted Mom: Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy.  Being an introverted mom, this book was a slow savor for me. Each chapter promotes the desire for rest, especially if you’re an introverted mom. Sprinkled with famous quotes, encouraging Bible verses, and unique authenticity, you’re certain to relate on some level. 

Teaching From Rest

It doesn’t matter how you spend your mothering days, Sarah Mackenzie presents a beautiful picture of restful teaching in her book, Teaching From RestRest is not simply an action, it’s a state of mind. Whether you’re teaching academics or character training, rest is how you approach each day and how you live within that day. 

By the same idea, learning happens in a restful state as well. This short book has become a frequent read for me as a great reminder to slow down and appreciate rest.

Whispers and Wildflowers

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short post on this book, Whispers and Wildflowers by Sarah Beth Marr.  This book, much like a devotional, is intended for the reader to savor 30 different thoughts for 30 days. 

Although I’m at home with my children, I still lead busy seasons of life and it’s encouraging to have a resource that fuels my desire to connect deeper with God. It’s filled with prayers, real-life stories, and Scripture. I’m making my way through it again as part of my daily quiet time. 

Anchored In

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to help a dear friend promote her book and reach thousands with the message that Christ is the answer to our problems. In Anchored In, Micah Maddox uses her unique story of how God challenged her to draw closer to Him in the hardest seasons of her life. At the heart of this book, she urges readers to draw closer to God and rest in divine presence and Sovereignty. Only then can we truly experience His power.  

Do you find reading restful? I invite you to check out this post on how we made our home a haven for reading

What are your favorite restful resources?