Parenting Is Like Gardening

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Purposeful Living | 3 comments

I recently wrote a post about the book Cultivate by Lara Casey that I read a few months ago. In that post, I talked about things that I learned about parenting. Today, I want to expound on those thoughts and share with you how parenting is just like gardening.


Now, I’m not really a gardener, but I love the results. I learned many things from this comparison.

It Starts With Quality Soil

Right now, in my backyard, is my first pile of compost that has been breaking down for several months. Soon, it’ll be the soil base for my very first garden. Those who love gardening will appreciate this analogy. Before you even plant the seeds, you prepare the soil. If the soil isn’t high-quality, the seeds will struggle to produce plants and may not even grow at all. It takes a while to prepare the soil to ensure a beautiful outcome.

The same is true in parenting. From the moment we discover the growing life, we begin to nurture that life way before birth. We eat healthy foods, exercise, talk and sing to the developing baby. After birth, it doesn’t stop. We pray, talk, sing, and continue nurturing the bond that was formed before birth.

As they grow, that “soil” becomes ready for seeds. Every word, prayer, kiss, and training moment is a seed planted in the rich soil of their lives. But it doesn’t stop there. The soil still needs tilling, watering, and tender loving care. Sometimes it’s simple, but it’s often a messy process.

You Shouldn’t Wear White Pants

Even if you’ve never gardened before, you likely know that’s not smart to wear white pants. Gardening is messy, sweaty, and takes a good chunk of your time. But, yet again, the bounty is quite rewarding.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned mom, you’ve learned rather quickly that wearing white is a huge (massive, catastrophic, the list goes on…) mistake! Motherhood is messy, tearful, sweaty, and exhausting. It’s too big of a job to wear white pants. That’s also the beauty of it.

If mothers could wear white pants and expect them to stay clean, what would they accomplish? They’d accomplish one thing – less laundry. As wonderful as that sounds, the reality is that if white pants stay clean, there’s no opportunity to get dirty. If we don’t dig deep into the soil to plant those seeds, the plants won’t grow.

Gardening Takes Time

You spend many months and sometimes years nurturing, watering, and tending to your garden in the hope it will produce the most beautiful fruits. You toil and worry and wonder over the seedlings that are sprouting underground ready to burst forth into the sunlight. Oh, the joy when you first see the tiny, budding plant breaking through the soil. Your hard work is paying off! You finally see the fruits of your labor.

Mommas, the sweat, tears, and endless nights you put into nurturing your “little seedlings” will pay off. It will take time at each stage for tender, loving, care to take root.

Trust The Process

While this is the hardest step in gardening, it is also the most important. A gardener is devoted to the success of the garden. Knowing that it takes time requires a great deal of patience and faith in the end result. Tilling, planting, watering, and pruning are all part of the process. Without these steps, the garden dies.

Yes, there are times when the harshness of the season bruises and sometimes kills the plant. Sometimes the seeds don’t always grow the first time. That’s when the gardener comes in and replants the seeds and begins again.


Mommas, sometimes the seeds have to be planted several times and watered a little extra in order to grow. You may not see the plant for a while but it will grow.


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