Presence Over Perfection

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Purposeful Living | 0 comments

Motherhood comes with many challenges. One of those challenges is remaining present with your family. Feeling the pull in many directions is taxing and exhausting. It’s tempting to give in or give up. If this sounds like you, I’m here to encourage you to keep pressing onward and upward. 

presence over perfection

Leave The Chores

Endless dishes, diapers, and laundry claim so much of our time. Maintaining clean homes (and clean children) is so draining we often feel like we have nothing left to give. What if we ignored the pile(s) of laundry and the sink of dishes for a minute? What would happen if we left the clutter for a bit and snuggled our children close and just read a favorite story or tackled a puzzle? Yes, dishes and laundry are part of life, but they aren’t the most important part. Guiding little hearts and minds is the most important work. The chores can wait. 

Do “Hard” Things

I remember when I taught in the classroom all day and then came home to make dinner. I often had very little patience to listen to my daughter sing “The Wheels on the Bus” or “Five Little Ducks” for the 75th time. Now, listening to the same songs (by my son) may still pinch a nerve from time to time, but I sit and sing with him anyway. 

Engaging in small things tell our children we care about the things they care about. We’re investing in their hearts.

Embrace Your Identity In Christ

Nobody’s perfect. We hear the phrase, and we may even use it frequently. You can’t do everything and do it well. Embrace your imperfections and realize that you’re covered in grace. God has blessed you with the gift of motherhood, and He will give you the grace you need for each day. He doesn’t want you to compare your home, children, or skills to someone else. You are uniquely made in the image of Almighty God. Embrace the life He’s given you. 

Be Perfectly Present

You can’t be perfect, but  you can be perfectly present. Your perfectly present looks different from other mothers. There is a culture, a rhythm in your home that no other mother can replicate. Even when you can take advice and use tools you learn from other mothers, it looks different in your home. That’s the beauty of the uniqueness God has given us. That IS perfect.