Review of His Vessel Textbooks (Algebra 1)

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Homeschool Help | 0 comments

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Do you have children that struggle with Math? Are you looking for a Math textbook that will shape your student’s loves and point them toward Christ? I’ll admit that Math has not always been my favorite subject. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve learned that I despised Math in my younger years because I never really understood it, nor did I have a teacher who helped me make the connections needed for Math.

We’ve been reviewing algebra with His Vessel Textbooks – Algebra 1. While I already use a set Math textbook curriculum for my 8th grader, I’m always looking for more supplements and new ways to introduce difficult concepts. That’s why I was happy to review another Math curriculum that brings concepts to life and integrates Biblical principles that make God known in Math. Here a few thoughts I have after spending some time with this textbook.

Biblically Based Math Textbook

This Algebra 1 textbook by His Vessel Textbooks was definitely Biblically based. I appreciated the way the writers integrated topics and wove them throughout the book. There were specific “God Moment” blocks throughout the book that tied into the concepts being taught in the unit. Some parents may find these helpful when trying to teach subject integration.

Very Organized

At first glance, this textbook seems massive and overwhelming. However, the writers do an excellent job of building upon previous concepts. When teaching anything, it’s important to move from the “known to the unknown.” This helps students make connections with things they’ve previously learned and use it as a launching point for new concepts.  The writers also include a very detailed Table of Contents at the beginning of the book.

Easy to Understand

Have you ever looked through curriculum that was hard to understand? How can your students learn, if it’s difficult to understand? I thought this textbook was well-laid out and organized, making it easy to understand the flow of concepts. Each lesson also contained:

  • vocabulary terms
  • objectives for each unit
  • clearly explained examples for each concept
  • a chance for students to practice before they try on their own

These are just a few of the things each lesson contained that can help the student grasp and master the concepts for Algebra 1.

Family Activities

Some of the lessons include a Family Activity section that helps solidify the concepts even more. Some of the activities require things to do with or for your family. Since I used this math textbook with my 8th grader, we didn’t do the activities. Many of them were too easy and I felt that she had already grasped the concepts. However, some parents may find them helpful.

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