Review of Singapore Math Live Online Course

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Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Singapore Math Live created math videos for their Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problem courses to support homeschooling families. Word problems can be just as challenging for parents to explain as it is for students to complete; that’s why I was thrilled to review Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problems Level 6 from Singapore Math Live.

Review of Singapore Math Live Online Course

Easy to Navigate

I was please that the online course was so easy to navigate. The website was neatly organized and the menu options were easy for me to find. The course had 25 was easy to keep track of which ones we had completed. This course was geared for older children but if you have a child who is strong in math skills, they may be able to give it a try. 😉

Singapore Math Problem-Solving Skills

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The goal of this course was to work on problem-solving skills. Each lesson was approximately 25-47 minutes, depending on the concept. We listened and watched the concept and would pause the video at intervals to work the problems. Some of these problems were difficult, so we only worked a few minutes per day.

Clear Explanation

The teacher clearly explained the problems and even gave prompts when to pause the video and work them out. I did receive a workbook but that it is a separate purchase from the course. It is optional and you do not need to use it in order to take lessons with the online course.

How We Used This Course

Since this course is geared for older children, I used it as a challenge and additional supplement with my 8th grader. We would do a few minutes and work the problems together, stopping at places that were difficult to grasp. I found the problems were challenging, so if you have child who struggles with math, I would recommend beginning a few levels below.

Looking For A Challenging Math Curriculum?

If you’re looking for a challenging math curriculum, try Singapore Math. You can read more about this course from my fellow Review Crew members here:

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