RM#23 – Embracing the Simple Difference (with Becky Keife)

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

Motherhood can be very lonely; especially in the little years of raising children and during the holiday seasons when we’re dealing with grief or an overwhelmed soul filled with chaos. During these seasons we can find hope and joy in our own souls when we freely give what little time and energy we have and send out Gospel light in dark places. It renews our own souls, reshapes our habits in our homes, and ignites responses to hope in mighty ways.

Listen in here as Danielle talks with Becky Keife (author of The Simple Difference) about the importance of demonstrating kindness in your home and community. Leaning in and learning ways to show kindness is another way to find renewal in motherhood.

Resources Mentioned

The Simple Difference: How Every Small Kindness Makes A Big Impact