Savoring the Moments Of Motherhood

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Purposeful Living | 0 comments

Do you ever find yourself wishing you weren’t so busy? Perhaps you’re so exhausted from working or chasing little people you feel drained every waking minute. When precious sleep finally comes, it’s interrupted by insomnia or cries of tiny babies.

If this sounds like you, I hear you. Let me encourage you today with some ways to savor the moments of motherhood in every season.

Less Is More

When you feel that you can’t possibly read a book or put together another puzzle, remember that it’s quality time that counts. Only you know what this looks like for your family. This may look like sitting down for a meal, reading a short book, or sitting to play for a few moments. 

  • Be Present – Be fully present for those minutes you’re with your children. This will not only make it more meaningful to them, but also you. You’ll feel like you’re spending more time when you give quality.
  • Avoid the comparison trap – what another mom is doing with her children shouldn’t be  your expectations. Keep your focus on the unique atmosphere of your home, and the frame or your children. 
  • Talk with them – Whether they’re infants or teenagers, take time to talk with your children. Keeping that line of communication open, forms deeper connections with our children.

Savor the Sweetness

savor the moments

Sometimes, as mothers, we get caught up in all the things we must “fix” about our children that we neglect to take note of the little things. Noticing the small things, helps us connect deeper with our children.

When you’re with your children, try and soak in all the little things. Sometimes, I sit on the couch and just watch my children play. This is when I really notice the little things about them. I notice that my daughter jumps higher in her ballet routine, or my 4-year-old son puts puzzles together on his own.

There are times when it’s hard to find the sweetness. Scrubbing cocoa powder or urine from the floor is hardly a sweet moment. Guiding our children back to truth is often painful, but helping them pursue Christ is sweet. 

Let Grace Abound

Whether we are working inside the home or outside, finding the balance in life is difficult. Sometimes, we have to let some things go. Give yourself grace. The dishes and the laundry aren’t going anywhere.

If you’re like me, this may require some practice. It’s okay to let the mess sit a minute or two. It’s in the messy moments that we experience grace and joy.  These moments are the perfect canvas for God’s grace. When we experience God’s grace and strength, we can then extend them to our children. 


Regardless of how our lives look, we can embrace the small moments with our children. We can savor the moments, big and small.