Supplementing Kindergarten With LeapFrog Leapstart

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Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

My son loves the LeapStart Learning Success Bundle from LeapFrog! This interactive toy adds a great supplement to our kindergarten day and stimulates thinking and motor skills without using a “dreaded screen.” 

supplementing kindergarten

About LeapFrog LeapStart

LeapFrog LeapStart is a learning system that helps kids connect with academic learning. The bold colors and interactive audio helps stimulate learning and enhance academic skills. The learning system offers multiple books and games from preschool to first grade. 

The LeapStart is battery operated so there is no internet required. However, if you want to download additional content from your computer onto your system, you will need an internet connection. We chose not to do this, but rather use the provided books. I did purchase a couple other books (of a higher level) on my own since he loved the system so much. 

How We Used The Product

leap frog

My son (age 5) was so excited to use this product! He was able to navigate the system on his own by simply listening to the audio instructions. The touchpad and attached pen were helpful tools for interacting and playing with the system.  

Free Time

Since he could navigate the system on his own, I set aside about 30 minutes for him to interact with it during some free time. It was so much fun hearing him answer questions out loud!

Quiet Time

leap frog quiet time

If I needed to get some things done, it was a rainy day, or he just needed some quiet time, I told him he could have “LeapFrog” time. He was able to switch the books out on his own since they open and lay flat on the system. The books were easily interchangeable. 

Learning Together

There were several times when he asked me or his sister to come watch him play “LeapFrog.” It created an exciting time of learning together and a boost of confidence as he skillfully navigated the tasks. 

Our Overall Experience

overall experience

The LeapFrog LeapStart system is designed from approximately ages 2-7. I did feel that the Go! Go! Cory Carson Cory Carson Superhero School book was too young for him, so we did not spend much time with that book. Overall, we enjoyed interacting with the system and will try a few other books that are more on his level. 

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