The Value Of Encouragment

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Purposeful Living | 1 comment

When I was a little girl, my mother would always remind me to “be kind,” and “play nice.” As I grew up, those reminders stayed with me, although the meaning was much deeper. “Be kind” evolved into a deeper vocabulary that consisted of “encourage and uplift,” and “speak truth and love.”

Now that I have my own children, these small but meaningful reminders serve as teaching and training moments for them. I use “be kind” with my toddler while I remind my middle schooler to “speak the truth and love others.” But, how does that practically play out in life? How do we know the real value of the words we use?

Speaking Life

I am always reminded of Proverbs 18:21 when I think about my speech. Scripture tells us that “death and life and in the power of the tongue.” This meaning carries over into all areas of life. Now that I’m a mom, I think about how my words affect those around me, especially when talking with other moms.

I want my words to build up other moms and give them life rather than making them feel small. You don’t know what another woman has gone through when you talk with them.

Simple Smiles And Nods

Just offering a kind smile and nod at a passing stranger could speak volumes. Perhaps, it’s the mom in the grocery store with the 3 screaming kids. You know you’ve seen her. Maybe you’ve been that mom.

Think about how you felt with your kids in the cart, (or out of, on top of, hanging on, etc) the list in your hand, and desperately trying to make it alive to the register. Would it have made a difference for a stranger to kindly smile at you?

Lending A Hand

I recently saw a post on Facebook the other day and really hit home with me. It talked about lending a hand when another mom is “about to lose it.” I’m sure you can think of a friend (or 2) in need of some help.

Instead of saying, “Let me know how I can help,” try asking, “How can I help you?” Or better yet, tell them you’re coming over to clean their house and ask what the best time it for them.


When we make the small steps to encourage others, we’re making small steps to lead others to the grace and love of Christ. You may never know what positive impact your words or smiles will have for another mom.