What I Recently Discovered About Parenting

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A few months ago, I picked up a book that completely changed my thinking on parenting and training children. I knew I needed help with patience and grace in teaching my littles, but I had no clue where to start.

“Slow down” and “Be patient” was easier said than done. Locking myself in the closet wasn’t going to work either. I spent time reading and dwelling on bits of this book at a time. “Cultivate” by Lara Casey helped me view parenting in the light of God’s Grace.

Here’s what I discovered about myself and parenting from reading this book.

Parenting Is Not A Sprint

I really enjoy watching the summer Olympics when they come around every few years. Other than the diving, I love watching the sprint races. It’s so amazing that a human can run that quickly in a short amount of time. Of course, when they win, they receive a medal for all the hard work it took for them to achieve this goal.

Mommas, you may never get a medal at the end of parenting. But, something I learned is that parenting doesn’t stop. It’s in the everyday talking, praying, and training that beautiful things happen. One day may bring many trials, but the next day may bring fewer sorrows for you to see the bits of beauty. I have to remind myself of this each day.

I Have To Make The Choice

When I left the classroom to be a full-time mom, at first I felt like I was giving something up. I called my dear friend (who lives 2,000 miles away) and explained what I was feeling. My sweet friend, in her wisdom, reminded me that I am doing the MOST important work.

Although I am not teaching a classroom full, I am devoted every day to intentionally pouring into my children. I make the choice each day to be intentional. That looks different for every mom. Whether we work at home or outside of the home, we make choices all the time in HOW we train our children.

Leaning On Others Is Important

There is a lie that pervades our society of mothers. This lie says, “We must do it all perfectly.” I am here to confess that I believed this lie for a long time. Giving life to this lie crippled my emotion, my walk with Christ, and my relationships with others. I am also here to share a truth with you!

The truth is that we can’t do it all AND do it well. Let me explain. We need the community of others to lean on in times of trouble and joy. The Lord gave us people to create relationships with. Leaning on others builds the body of Christ and we can all learn things from others.

I Must Give Grace

There are days that I sit and wonder if anything I do, say, or feel matters in motherhood. The dishes are piled, laundry in the baskets (from 6 days ago), and the kids are fighting- again. I sit and think about how my training isn’t working because I’ve “already told them 10 times to….”

Then, I recall Scripture and how many times God told His people the same things more than 10 times.

I must let grace flow from my tired, impatient soul into the souls of my children. It’s so much harder in the short-term, but giving them grace is giving them a gift from our Father. If God gives grace to me each day, surely I can give it to my children who have only walked the earth for a few years.

This is not a complete list of the “miracles” of parenting. I don’t have all the answers or even a few. If you have not heard of the book “Cultivate,” I encourage you to walk through and be encouraged Friend. What you do, does matter.


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