Why I Love Fairy Tales

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I love reading and I LOVE fairy tales. Ever since I was a young girl, I’d get goosebumps just knowing I was about to read a great tale. Now, my daughter gets the same goosebumps and stays up way past her bedtime to read them. Why do I love them so much? Well, the reasons are far too many. But, here’s a few.

There’s Hope In the Journey

Whether you read a 3-page fairy tale or a 10 page one, the main character is always on a journey. Along the way, they always encounter some trials and villains along the way. Their journey is never easy. In fact, it often appears as if hope is lost.

However, when you reach the end (of most of them) you see a happy ending. It’s at the end that you can think back and see small bits of hope the character received along the way. In some fairy tales, the hope is harder to see (i.e. an old man who gives advice). In other fairy tales, it’s clearer and easier to recognize (the villain is vanquished).

I appreciate fairy tales now in a way I never used to. Now, instead of just reading a wonderful story, I can see why it’s so wonderful. It’s a great reminder that although the journey is sometimes hard and seems hopeless, there is ALWAYS hope.

The Lessons Are Teachable

Fairy tales are a great way to teach valuable lessons to our children (and even learn ourselves). For example, Little Red Riding Hood teaches children to obey and trust their parents. The Ugly Duckling shows us that true beauty lies in the heart.

I love that I can read these tales over and over again to my children. When they’re young, read your children illustrated shorter versions of the tales to keep them engaged. As they grow older, you can read them the longer versions and have discussions with them.

Good Overcomes Evil

Have you ever watched a great movie where you’re on the edge of your seat until the very end? In our house, we often read aloud with character voices and gestures that make our children’s eyes pop with wonder. They’re waiting to see what will happen next. Will the prince save the princess? Is the princess going to escape the tower?

I love the sweet lessons in each fairy tale and knowing that good overcomes evil brings comfort and excitement in many ways. We can all agree that the world is a dangerous place. As our children grow, they will ask questions and ponder on the dangers in the world. Although fairy tales are in fact stories, the themes are quite real. They hold a promise that one day good will overcome evil in the real world.

There is no shortage of literary wonders that can be discussed in each fairy tale. We could dissect each one and talk for hours on end. But that is for another time.

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